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All Pets At Peace - Another Way to Say Goodbye

Thank you for visiting All Pets at Peace, Another Way to Say Goodbye. I would like to explain what makes us different: We do not work directly for any vets and there are two main reasons for this... Firstly, I believe that our pets deserve dignity and respect and I do not think that being placed in a plastic bag and stacked in a freezer awaiting a weekly collection is either dignified or respectful. Secondly, I will never do mass cremation and a contract with a vet would need me to supply this service. I only do totally individual cremations which means it cannot go wrong. Your pet is cremated on its own and your pets ashes are returned to you. You can bring your pet to me and stay in our Family Room while the cremation takes place, leaving with your beloved pet's ashes a short while later, giving you closure the same day. Please read through my website to learn more about how I do things. The testimonial page makes me feel extremely proud as it shows I am getting it right! Please do read the genuine comments left by true animal lovers like yourself. May I suggest you click on the You Tube link further down this page, it is a 10 minute documentary about us made by students from York University. Please ring text or email me if you need our services or need any advice.

Kind Regards, Brian


All Pets At Peace is the place where you can say 'goodbye' to your beloved pet, in the way that you would wish and in peaceful and beautiful surroundings.

(Please note, we only do individual pet cremations.)

All Pets at Peace is a family run business that cares enough to make a difference. We are a family that have been owned by Great Danes and many rescue dogs for the last 28 years and while the children were growing up we homed as many different pets as you could imagine, so we know only too well how devastating the loss of a beloved pet can be. This has led us to have a heartfelt understanding of the need to support pet owners in their time of grief.

Our own personal experiences of losing our pets and the recent publicity surrounding pet crematoriums led us to believe that we can make a difference and provide the service that is so desperately needed. Allowing us to support you, the owners, and give your best friends the dignified final journey they deserve.

Please click on the You Tube link below to see a short documentary made by students from York University and see why All Pets At Peace is different to all other pet crematoriums.


Brian from All Pets At Peace speaks to BBC Radio Humberside. Please click on the link below and listen to the full interview and discover more about what we do...