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This testimonial page makes us feel extremely proud as it shows that the service we offer is needed by pet owners, and lets us know we’re doing something right.All comments are genuine and left by true animal lovers like yourself. If you’d like to leave a testimonial click here and fill in the form on our contact page.

Suzie – Lorraine

We had to make the hardest decision on 26/04/19 to put a believed family dog Suzie to sleep Brian made all my family welcome and what better hands to put Suzie into he took care of her and made my family at ease and thinking of all the happy times and not just that day

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Eric – Jo Fiebrich & Ian Wlson

We can’t thank you enough for the wonderful service you provided for us at the cremation of our Jack Russell, Eric on 20.02.19. It was very special to be able to say goodbye to him in such a lovely setting, and the care you gave us and Eric just showed every step of the way.

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Lupe – Gordon Clark

Hi, I just want to thank you for your great service. We brought our dog Lupe to be cremated a fortnight ago. He died completely unexpectedly on a Sunday night, which was rather a shock and very upsetting. I contacted you early on the Monday morning and was very impressed in how promptly and seamlessly

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Roja – Jeannette, Colin and Alannah

Brian, once again you have made emotional events pass with such dignity and good heart. Our beautiful Roja is now at peace thanks to you. This is the third time we have been to see you and every time we come away grateful for your humour in a difficult situation. Our wonderful dogs are looked

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Lola – Steve and Sue

With heartfelt Thanks Shaun – A massive “Heartfelt Thanks”. Our pain and grief is immense with the loss of our best friend Lola (lollipop). You were able to make us laugh with your warm and friendly soul and from our initial telephone call, made this very difficult experience less traumatic. We can’t Thank you enough

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Benji – Jon & Donna Evans

Thank you Brian. Following a visit to the vets we received the devastating news that our beloved family cat of 14 years, Benji, had an untreatable condition which meant Benji had to be put to sleep. Whilst it goes without saying, this was a devastating time for us all, we also knew that when Benji

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Benjie – Jackie Kerley

Sadly my beloved brave loving little dog had to leave us on 30/07/18. Brian gave Benjie the most respectful dignified final journey to meet his dad , that was possible. I can\’t thank him enough for making the very painful sadness of the day just a little more bearable, because of the kind , caring

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Brenda – Sarah Coverdale

Brian – I cannot thank you enough, what a beautiful soul you are. Thank you so much for cleaning Brenda up and arranging her so that I could see her one last time and not be overly upset at her injuries – that meant so much to me and I felt that I owed it

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Harvey – Becky Smith

Sorry it’s taken me so long to write this Thankyou to you all at pets at peace. I would like to thank Brian for his compassion and caring manner and respect the day I had to have my beautiful boy Harvey laid to rest 21st May 2018. My heart was broken and my boy was

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Owen – Karen & Richard Wilburn

A month today we sadly & very unexpectedly had to have our beloved Owen dog put to sleep. It was truly awful, one of the worst days of our lives. We miss him so very much but would just like to say thank you so much to Brian for the loving & respectful way he

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