On Monday we had to make the heartbreaking decision to say farewell to our beloved Labrador Katie, who was an anxious old girl and scared of visits to the vets and being around other dogs. We arranged for a mobile vet to come to our house and on recommendation contacted Brian at All Pets at Peace for a private cremation afterwards.  We were immensely grateful that he was able to arrange an appointment to follow on straight after the vets visit, which meant we had little time to dwell on things. Brian’s compassionate care for Katie and insight into how we might be feeling made the day so much less stressful. To be able to come away with her ashes that evening was a huge step forward in the healing process and we came out of a very dark day feeling that Katie had received the best possible send off possible. Can’t thank you enough Brian.

Please note that the due to annual leave the crematorium will be closing on the 17th of May and reopening on the 3rd of June.