Sarah, Jonathan & Molly

We came to see you with our beloved Patterdale, Molly, on 11th December 2023, but it’s only now I feel able to fully say how grateful Jonathan and I were that you were there for us that day.  Even though a month has passed, tears are still falling as I type this (and I’m even doing this from work to try and help me not go to pieces!).

We are thankful every day for the dignified end we were able to give Molly thanks to you.  You made the hardest thing we have ever had to do so much easier.  We will never forget your kindness to us, meeting us as you did at a very difficult time and helping us through it with calmness, professionalism, genuine sympathy, and even, unexpectedly, humour. Being able to take Molly back home with us straight away was such a comfort to us, as is knowing that we have her, and only her, with us now.  We really did leave you feeling that little bit better than when we arrived, which, in the circumstances, was an incredible feat!

Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts – you provide such a sad but necessary service, and you do it with care, consideration, compassion and skill, and we will be forever grateful to you that you do it.  I hope you know just how many lives you have touched, and how deeply, with your kindness.