Individual Pet Cremation – What We Do & The Service We Offer

Individual Pet Cremation – What We Do & The Service We Offer

The question I get more than any is “How much is it for an Individual Cremation?”

Well, first of all this tells me they have not been on my website as all the prices are there and secondly they are not ringing me because of the way I do things.

Individual cremation does not mean what people think. Recently a company came here to smoke test my chimney on behalf of the cremator manufacturer. They were surprised and asked me if I had just cremated one dog on its own, I said that is all I do here, Individual Pet Cremation. “Yes, but you only put one dog in” – now maybe I’m a bit slow coming from Barnsley – but they explained they visit lots of crematoriums who claim they do individual cremations but they put one in each corner of the cremator and the pet is “individually cremated” in that corner. B*****t!

Also I was told about a company putting pets for Individual Cremations on trays with 11 trays going in together.

Now both the above are hearsay and I have not witnessed it personally, but I could not see what these people had to gain by telling me the story.

So what I say to people who are ringing around all the local crematoriums for a price is to stop asking for the price of an individual cremation and to ask 2 questions.

Question 1 – Will my pet be the only animal in that cremator? If the answer is yes then the second question is Can I watch you put my pet into the cremator?

I suggest that they should not do this as it is not a nice thing to see and it will be the last image they have of their pet. If the answer to this question is that it is against health and safety or we do not have insurance to cover you. Then I would suggest they just do not want you to see what they do.

If possible take someone with you that you trust and is not emotionally attached to your pet to witness it for you, check that the chamber has been swept out spotless before your pet goes in and check again at the end that it has been swept out spotless ensuring that you have as near as 100% of your pet as possible. If the crematorium will not allow this then find one like mine where you can.

Hopefully you can now see why when someone rings me to ask the price of an individual cremation it winds me up.

We are about so much more than cost when you are going through such a difficult time.

Please note that the due to annual leave the crematorium will be closing on the 17th of May and reopening on the 3rd of June.