Megan – Maggie Dollard

8th July 2019 .. my third visit to A.P.P. I can only say that the care and compassion since my last visit, shown by this larger than life man from Barnsley, has not waned in any way shape or form. I arrived with my beloved Megan, who I had bred and loved for just 8 years, feeling like someone had torn out my heart. I was met by Brian who took over the situation gave me a hug, made me some coffee and for the next 3 hours we talked and discussed anything and everything, for a brief time my tears eased. As a person who loves their dogs beyond measure, I would never take my dogs anywhere else for their final journey. If it’s truly an individual cremation you’re looking for, there is no other place to go ….Thank you Brian…..

Phone: 01427 873794
Mobile: 07910 801 484
Willow Farm, Wroot Road
Epworth, Doncaster, DN9 1EA