Oz our Chocolate Labrador

Last week we had to make a devastating decision to let our gorgeous 14 and a half year old chocolate Labrador boy, Oz go to sleep for the final time. We were distraught but knew we didn’t want to leave the vet or anyone else make his last journey. I had been looking online for private pet cremations and came across All Pets At Peace. I think what I liked about it most were the comments previous pet owners had made and how nice the owner, Brian was. I called Brian the day we knew was going to be the hardest day of our adult life. I explained we had 2 days left with Oz. Brian was so kind, he called me back on my mobile and said to text when we were setting off to visit him. We arrived on that fateful day, Brian was there to meet us. He helped us with our boy and explained what was going to happen. We thought it would be awful waiting for a few hours until we could take Oz’s ashes home, but Brian kept us amused with stories and his lovely nature. He is truly an animal lover and has not built this business for the money, he is well aware of the turmoil people are going through. I would recommend his services to everyone who is a pet owner, this way you know what’s happening once they have passed. Thank you Brian, Tracey & Jayne

Please note that the due to annual leave the crematorium will be closing on the 17th of May and reopening on the 3rd of June.