Pip our Chi Hua Hua

PIP 1 Aug 2008 – 20 Nov 2016
I woke up on Sunday morning, to find Pip our Chi Hua Hua, had passed away during the night. At 8 years old it was too soon, but the poor little man had a heart problem. Having done a Google search, I was lucky enough to find All Pets at Peace and also found that they provide a 7 day service. As it was quite late on Sunday night, we arranged to take Pip on Monday morning and meet Brian at about 8am. We weren’t sure what to expect, but on arrival we were put at ease by Brian’s humour and manner. At what is a very difficult time, it is easy to understand why Brian provides the service that he does. He looked after Pip and treated him with the dignity that all pet lovers would wish for. He also looked after us with conversation and humour while we were waiting. There is an array of options for your pet’s ashes and we personally opted for the Memory Bear which contains the ashes in a pouch in the back and a heart shaped pendant. This gives you an object that can be held and also something that Dotty, our other Chi Hua Hua can curl up to in her bed. Pip will be missed by us all and everyone who knew him. He was a cheeky little thing, right from when we first got him and he doted on Dotty when we got her as a puppy a year later. The two were inseparable and Dotty is lost without him, always looking around trying to find him. It was heart wrenching losing Pip and doubly so watching Dotty trying to find her lifelong friend. Pip will never be forgotten by his mum, dad and Dotty. Rest in peace little man, we all love you and miss you. Steve & Bev Clarke