Starbound Step Up

During the night of Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th January 2017, our beloved little Miniature Schnauzer ‘Starbound Step Up’ known to all that knew her as ‘Misky’ passed away in her sleep. This was an unexpected loss for my wife and I, as she had shown little signs of being unwell, thus our grief and despair following her passing was even more of a shock.

I know how Dogs, Cats etc are disposed of by some Veterinary Practices and I did not want our lovely little girl to suffer such an undignified end to the wonderful life we had with her during her time she was with us. It was very important to both my wife and I that she left this world in a dignified and cared for manner.

We knew of the ‘All Pets at Peace’ Crematorium in Epworth as we too live in Epworth and I made contact with the proprietor Brian Askham early on that fateful Tuesday morning. Brian was so understanding and caring when he spoke to me as I’m sure my grief was clearly present in my speech. We made our appointment and within the hour we arrived at ‘All Pets at Peace’. Brian met us on arrival and gave us a warm and friendly welcome to his establishment.

Brian escorted us to a very well presented lounge area where he clearly explained to us the services he was able to provide in order to say a very dignified goodbye to our little treasure.

Our little Schnauzer was later transferred by Brian into an adjacent room where she was placed on a beautiful white cushion, the room was lit by a single white candle, and we were left alone to contemplate the wonderful life we had all been so lucky to have together with our beloved Misky. The peace and tranquillity at that particular moment meant so much to us as we said our final farewells.
Our choice was that our little girl’s ashes should be spread onto part of the garden of remembrance at the centre and Brian assured us that if we chose not to wait, this would be done in our absence.

We left ‘All Pets at Peace’ with the knowledge that our ‘Little Treasure’ had been treated in a caring and dignified manner. Brian you provide a very much needed service for people wishing to know that their beloved animals leave this world in a manner they so richly deserve, for they, having loved us their owners, probably more than they loved themselves, deserve no less.
We both wholeheartedly recommend to any pet lover who wants the very best for their much loved pet to use the services provided at ‘All Pets at Peace’.
Later that morning Brian telephoned us at our home to say that our little treasure’s ashes had, as we requested, been scattered onto his garden of remembrance.

Thank you Brian, so very much for what you did for us at our time of personal grief and loss. Alan & Jane Tagg

Please note that the due to annual leave the crematorium will be closing on the 17th of May and reopening on the 3rd of June.