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This testimonial page makes us feel extremely proud as it shows that the service we offer is needed by pet owners, and lets us know we’re doing something right.All comments are genuine and left by true animal lovers like yourself. If you’d like to leave a testimonial click here and fill in the form on our contact page.

Brenda – Sarah Coverdale

Brian – I cannot thank you enough, what a beautiful soul you are. Thank you so much for cleaning Brenda up and arranging her so that I could see her one last time and not be overly upset at her injuries – that meant so much to me and I felt that I owed it

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Harvey – Becky Smith

Sorry it’s taken me so long to write this Thankyou to you all at pets at peace. I would like to thank Brian for his compassion and caring manner and respect the day I had to have my beautiful boy Harvey laid to rest 21st May 2018. My heart was broken and my boy was

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Owen – Karen & Richard Wilburn

A month today we sadly & very unexpectedly had to have our beloved Owen dog put to sleep. It was truly awful, one of the worst days of our lives. We miss him so very much but would just like to say thank you so much to Brian for the loving & respectful way he

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Penny – Beverley Finan

Dear Brian It was four and a half years ago that we first met you when our darling Boo Bear died. Since that time we have had to visit you with our cherished Daisy May and Rocky. Our final visit was on Monday 9th April with Pennychoo our beautiful and eldest dog she was 17

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Woody – Liz & Steve Flynn

Just a few words to let people know what a wonderful guy Brian is, he looked after us at a very traumatic time when we suddenly lost our beloved dog Woody, but most importantly was the respect, treatment and caring that he gave of Woody. Thank You once again Brian. Liz and Steve Flynn.

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Poppy – Deborah Carter

A month ago today 15th February we brought our beautiful little rabbit to you . She was a member of our family from 6 weeks old until she died aged 12 1/2 not bad for a rabbit who had chewed through various cables etc in her time (plugged in I might add). I cannot thank

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Alfie – Liz & Paul Finch

Hi Brian, Would like to thank you for your service, we had to visit you on Saturday the 13 th January. I was distraught at having to part with my dog Alfie, (much more than just a dog to me). We thought you were a lovely guy, and your kind words helped me, and today

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Flo – Melissa

I had to say goodbye to my little girl yesterday. She was just three years old. She was hit by a car and was paralyzed from the waist down. We always went on walks together and before we said our final goodbyes, we took one last walk, with her in my arms. I\’ve never felt

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Charlie – Mr R Balogh

Beth and myself would like to thank Brian and his wife for giving our beloved cat Charlie a beautiful and respectful final journey. When Charlie suffered a heart attack that took him from us, all we wanted was some where that would treat him with respect that he deserved I can say with out reservation

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My Big Lad Zak, Sharon & Family

Hi Brian, I cannot thank you and your wife enough for the dignified and sensitive service you provided when it was time to say goodbye to my much loved loyal companion Zak . I was dreading having to leave him at the vets when he was put to sleep but thankfully I was recommended all

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